You’ll get the experience of 50+ years, product warranties ensuring your driveway or garage floor stays looking sharp for over a decade, and Australian standards for your Queensland home or business.

Driveway resurfacing usually takes around 1-2 days to repair, 2-4 days to complete and 24-48hrs hours to set. Customers often ask how much does a driveway restoration cost? The cost of Driveway restorations & resurfacing can range from $20 – $80 per m2, depending on the size of your driveway and what finish you choose. 

We’ll happily visit your property in Brisbane, Queensland to give you an understanding of your best option & exact pricing.

Garage floor resurfacing & restorations follow a very similar process.  Usually, a Garage floor resurfacing can take around 1 day to repair, 1 day to complete & 24hrs hours to set. It’s best that you have the entire area cleared and cleaned, prior to us commencing work. Again, the cost of a Garage Floor resurfacing project can range in cost from $1800 – $2500 depending on your preference of finish. See below for our example images & contact us for a free site visit for advice and pricing.

We use a variety of different overlay designs, so you will have no problem finding one to match your property’s exterior design. In fact, you no longer have only one choice of stencils anymore, as we offer the latest range of decorative concrete finishes and restoration services, including:

  • Decorative coloured chip blends
  • Metallic
  • Metallic pearlescent
  • Spray-crete and stencil finishes
  • Driveway clean and reseal
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Concrete and crack repairs
  • Dustless concrete grinding.

The concrete overlays we use for driveways are extremely hard wearing and are ideal for resurfacing your old driveways, paths and even the patio areas around your property. You can even cover your old aggregate driveways transforming your property significantly.

Since we use a range of concrete overlay products, you also have access to an extensive range of bright and bold colour schemes meaning that you can include a logo or feature design, making your driveway look truly unique and one of a kind.

Our concrete resurfacing materials are hardwearing, mould resistant, slip-resistant, low maintenance, won’t peel and can even be protected from graffiti.

Lastly, for investors or property flippers, resurfacing a driveway is a common renovation tactic to increase the value & general appeal of your property. If you simply want advice, feel free to drop us a line.

Epoxy flooring transforms old, dirty concrete

Epoxy flooring gives your garage or workshops transforms your space with a surprising effect. For the homeowner, it lets you turn your garage into a multi-purpose room with a clean, non-slip and low maintenance flooring or you can simply make your garage look awesome when you park your car.

If you’re restoring your commercial workshop, you’ll achieve a clean and professional feel with an epoxy flooring. A garage or workshop floor restoration is hard-wearing, resistant to bacteria and mould, and is easy to keep clean.

Again, if you’d like down-to-earth advice around your flooring options, we’ll inspect explore possibilities with you keep the price as competitive as possible for you. Contact us for concrete driveway resurfacing and epoxy flooring pricing below.

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