Roof Restorations Brisbane

You’ll get top-notch Queensland service, with over 60 years industry experience. You’ll get easy payment options, you’ll get peace of mind that your roof restoration will protect your investment for a minimum of 12 years, & you’ll probably look a darn sight better than your neighbours.

How much does roof restoration cost?

The first roof restoration inspection is 100% free and we’ll build you a report, with photos, options and recommendations.

We also know that spending money on a roof isn’t exactly fun, so we’ll work with you to keep the cost down, but ensure you receive a great job, done to Aussie standards. If required, we can also help organise an easy payment plan that’s manageable at a rate as low as $69 per week.

You’re in control of all decisions, time-frames & budgets for your roof restoration. We’ll work hard to ensure your home becomes one of the best looking houses in the street.

Approximate cost of a roof restoration near me.

Across Brisbane, in fact, throughout Queensland, you’ll find there’s a range of pricing that usually sits between $22-$30 per square meter.

Onn Guard recommend you always ask your contractors to show you their insurance documents to avoid expensive damage & to ask to view their coating suppliers, manufacturing warranties.

If it’s not a 12-year warranty, then you’re most likely going to be disappointed with the long term finish & you’ll have to be spending more of your hard-earned cash sooner, rather than later.

Selling? Increase your asking price.

Unpainted roofs devalue your house. They look unappealing to any potential buyer because it screams a lack of maintenance.

If you’re considering a sale then a roof restoration should be at the top of your list.  Property Pre-sale roof restorations add value to your home and make it more appealing to buyers. We know exactly which strategies might increase your asking price.

Hard-wearing Aussie paints & gossiping neighbours

If it ain’t Aussie, it ain’t trustworthy. You just can’t skimp on the cost by using regular exterior paint on your roof, or even the cheaper brands of roofing paints because they peel & fade within 12-24 months. Your wallet will hurt & your neighbours will all be looking at an eye-sore.

Instead, for your roof restoration we’ll only use the top-notch stuff, the best coatings we can buy ensuring durability & a roof restoration that you’ll appreciate for over a decade.

We can also use advanced heat reflective coatings that allow your homes cooling costs to reduce during our scorcher, Queensland summers.

It’s your choice, 12 months? Or 12 years, guaranteed.

3-step roof restoration process

  • Step 1

    1st, we undertake preparations for your roof restoration, checking all tiles, replacing those that are cracked or broken, and repointing if necessary. We cover your gutters and your solar panels to protect them from the roof restoration process and then we pressure clean your roof, so it offers a clean surface for the adherence of your chosen paint.

  • Step 2

    We apply a binding agent to the surface of your roof so that the paint will adhere correctly. This key step is essential in roof restorations and unfortunately is often neglected. This key step is the difference between a job that looks the dux-nuts, or a shoddy job that will grind you every time you look at it. Rest assured, we only use the best binding agents on the market and we take the time to prepare your roof correctly. You’ll have a 12-year warranty and a high quality finish for years.

  • Step 3

    Applications can’t be rushed. We’ll apply an additional two coats of the most durable and weather-resistant paint to your roof that we can buy. Letting the first coat dry thoroughly before applying the second coat is essential. We also offer a further glaze coat to enhance a high gloss finish, and to add further protection to your roof. That’s 4 coatings in total!

Colour choice

A large range of colours to choose from for your roof restoration may feel a little overwhelming but because we’ve learned a thing or two over the years, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Colour experience is everything when enhancing the cosmetics of a home. We’ll help you make a smart choice so your roof compliments the exterior colour scheme of your home.

Environmentally aware

There sure are some dodgy buggers out there contaminating our water but we keep it squeaky clean. Onn Guard are environmentally conscious and make sure that any run-off from the roof restoration process is contained and managed appropriately.

We have a huge range of wonderful colours for your roof restoration and will help you to make the right choice, so that your roof compliments the exterior colour scheme of your home.

Onn Guard are very environmentally aware, so we make sure that any run-off from the restoration process is contained and managed appropriately.

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